Article I. Name

The name of this Society shall be the “Seventh Day Baptist Theological Society” (Society).

Article II. Mission

The Society exists to cultivate disciplined scholarship among Seventh Day Baptists by providing outlets for the written and oral expression of thought and research in theological studies in order to strengthen the work and witness of Seventh Day Baptists.

Article III. Focus

The Society will

  • publish an occasional journal of SDB theological work.
  • sponsor events (such as round-tables, panel discussions, and Q&A) that provide for oral dialogue to explore SDB theological work.
  • encourage the publication of popular-level writing as a by-product of the Society’s focus.
  • use electronic media as its primary method of publication.
  • maintain a website, SDBTS.ORG, to inform members of activity.

Article IV. Operating Culture

The Society will seek to establish and maintain an operating culture that, while allowing people to disagree in print and speech, demonstrates that we are disciples of Christ who strive to live by the ideals expressed in John 13:34-35 (other people can see that we love each other) and Hebrews 10:19-25 (we strive to make each other stronger in faith, love, and good deeds).

Article V. Membership

A. Basic Requirements. In order to develop and maintain the desired operating culture, each member of the Society will:

  • be a disciple of Christ
  • be a member of a local SDB church
  • be committed to the Bible as the final authority in matters of faith and practice while agreeing that the guidance of the Holy Spirit is crucial to adequate understanding of Scripture
  • affirm the Statement of Belief of the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference USA and Canada
  • express confidence that God is at work among Seventh Day Baptists to further His kingdom

B. Dues. The annual membership dues are $30. Dues may be waived by the officers.

C. Classes of Membership. The Society shall consist of two membership classes: Supporting and Full.

1. Supporting members apply for membership, annually pay their dues, affirm that they support the mission and focus of the Society, and affirm that they meet the Basic Requirements of the Society.

2. Full members are supporting members who have been elected by the Society to full membership. Such election confers the status of full member for as long as the individual maintains supporting membership. Nomination for election to full membership may only be made by full members of the Society. In addition to the basic requirements, full members will hold at least a Master’s degree in theological studies (Th.M., M.Div., etc.) or will have demonstrated adequate aptitude in theological studies through participation in the written or oral activities of the Society.

3. Any individual present at the organizational meeting of the Society is a full member for as long as they remain a supporting member.

D. Membership Release: Membership will cease when a member fails to satisfy any annual membership requirement established by the Society. A member may resign membership at any time by notifying the Secretary-Treasurer in writing. The Society may dismiss a member of any class by vote at any Society meeting. When time is of the essence, the officers may suspend a membership pending action by the Society.

Article VI. Government

A. The government of the Society is vested in its full members. Between meetings, the officers may act with the authority of the Society. All references to “the officers” in this document indicate action determined by a majority of the officers.

B. Officers. The Society shall elect a president, a vice-president, and a secretary/treasurer at its annual meeting. Each officer will be responsible for the duties suggested by title and will serve until a successor is elected. The secretary/treasurer is reponsible for maintaining records related to membership. Any vacancy may be filled by a special meeting or by the remaining officer(s).

C. Review Board. A three-member review board will be appointed by the officers and will be responsible for publishing the Society’s journal.

D. Committees. The Society may establish any additional committees needed to further the work of the Society.

E. Annual Meeting. The Society will hold an annual meeting at a time and place determined by the Society. The purpose of the annual meeting will be to elect officers, elect full members, review the Society’s activity, and set direction for the coming year. Notice of the annual meeting shall be distributed to full members and posted on the website at least one month prior to the meeting.

F. Special Meetings. The officers or any five full members may call a special meeting for specified purposes. Notice of such meeting will be distributed to full members by email and posted on the Society website at least seven full days prior to the meeting.

G. Communication. The Society may use any mode of communication, traditional or electronic (post, email, video-conferencing, etc.), to conduct business and distribute meeting notices.

Article VII. Amendment

This constitution may be amended by a 2/3 majority of those present at an annual meeting or any special meeting called for the purpose, provided that the exact text of the amendment is contained in the meeting notice.